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by cclogin September 16, 2022
GO2bank Login Guide

How to Activate Your GO2bank Visa Debit Card?

The Go2bank account is available with a Visa debit card. Once you open the Go2bank online account for free, you may get this card in the mail. However, if you open the account in a store you may have to pay a fee and the primary deposit should be from $20 to $500. In this article, we are going to describe the Go2bank card activation, login,  and many more. You have to read this article from the start to the end to get better information.

About Go2bank

Go2bank is Green Dot neobank. A neobank operates digitally and has no branches. This is the first online bank of Green Dot, which offers checking accounts with savings accounts known as the vaults. Using the Go2bank debit card you will get direct cash deposit, or use the mobile app at many shopping locations. You can get the Go2bank at retailers like Walmart and activate it online or by phone. The bank also offers a credit card, which will help you build credit, and there will be no credit check.

Go2 bank Card Benefits

  • No Monthly Charges– you will not have to pay monthly charges with eligible direct cash deposits. Otherwise, you may have to pay $5 each month.
  • Free ATM Services– You can withdraw money for free at ATMs.
  • Earn Cash Back– you may get a cashback of 3% when you purchase Amazon eGift cards using the app.
  • Get Overdraft Protection– You will get up to $200 overdraft protection, and it’s eligible for direct deposit.
  • Shop Freely– you can shop freely anywhere your Visa is accepted.
  • Get Early Payment– You will get up to 2 days of early payment and up to 4 days of government perks with early cash deposits.

How to Activate Your Go2 Bank Card?

To activate the Go2bank card you will get three options. You can activate the card online, by phone, and in store. Check out the each Go2bank card activation process below.

  • To activate the card online use the link go2bank.com/start
  • Next, at the center add your card number, expiration date, sec code.
  • Check the verification box. Now click on “continue” button to verify further.
  • After that follow the page instructions to activate the card.
  • If you have received the card through mail, you need the last 4 digits of your debit card number, expiration date, the 3-digit security code you will find it on the back of your card, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number. You have to collect these details according to the Federal law.
  • After you have acquired the details you can activate card using the URL go2bank.com/start. Or you can call the number (855) 449-0703.


GO2bank card activation


Activate Go2bank Card by Phone

  • You can activate Go2bank card through phone.
  • You must have the card details and call on (855) 459-1351.

Go2bank Login Process

  • You can login with the online account of Go2bank using the URL www.go2bank.com
  • Next, at the top right side of the page click on “Log in” to access the sign in section.
  • Enter the account email address, password and click on “Log in” to get successfully signed in.


GO2bank Login

Reset Go2bank Login Details

  • To reset the login details go to the webpage www.go2bank.com
  • Go to the Log in option from the top right side of the page to go to the sign in page.
  • Under the sign in fields click on “Trouble logging in?” to start the process.
  • If you have forgotten the email address click on “Forgot your email address” option.
  • Add the 16 digit card number, CV, expiration date, last 4 digits of SSN, check the verification box and click on Continue to verify further and complete the process.
  • To reset the password click on “Reset your password” option.
  • Add the registered email address, check the verification box and click on “Continue” to get verified.

How to Open Go2bank Account?

  • To open an account go to the website www.go2bank.com
  • Next at the top right side of the page click on “open an account” to get started.
  • Provide the email address, check the verification box and click on Get started option and follow the page instructions to complete the account opening process.

Find a Go2bank Store

  • To find the nearby store use the link com/retail_debit_card_today
  • Next, at the center right side of the page click on “Find stores” option.
  • After that, add your zip code or your city to find the nearby location. You can also check the map and the listed addresses.

Go2bank Card Contact Information:

The card activation is simple, but if you still face any login problems, you can contact the support team from Go2bank. You can contact them from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Check out the contact number below:

Contact Number: (855) 459-1334.

FAQs about Go2bank Card

Q: Why Did I Receive A Go2bank Card Offer In The Mail?

A: You have received the card because you have been a customer at the bank, or you have rendered service from Go2bank’s trusted third-party partners. No credit check was made, you didn’t apply for the card, and no account opened on behalf of the card you go has no value and it’s nor active. You can activate through the online website of Go2bank. If you do not want this card you can destroy it, and remove your name from the mail you can send a request to P.O. Box 5100 Pasadena, CA 91117-0100.

Q: Where Can I Find My Routing And Account Number At Go2bank?

A: You have to login with the app and after that click on the Move money option and then access the direct deposit option.

Q: Can I Report My Go2bank Card Stolen Or Lost?

A: You can report the incident by calling on (855) 459-1334. You may get a replacement card.

Q: Can I Qualify For An Overdraft Protection at Go2bank?

A: If you are an account holder of Go2bank, you will get basic overdraft protection coverage. you will get extra protection if you get $200 or more within the 35 days period. You can opt for this service to get coverage at various level of protection.


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We hope that we have provided the required details in this article. Based on the information, you may find the right things to do with your Go2bank card. If you still face login issues, you can get in touch with the customer support team.


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