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by cclogin August 15, 2022
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TurboTax Prepaid Card Activation Process

TurboTax customers, who are receiving their federal tax refund direct deposit on their TurboTax Prepaid Visa Card in the mail, can activate their cards online at www.turboprepaidcard.com/activate and track its activity 24 hours a day and access all other features and benefits like slide for balance, deposit checks, send and receive money, pay bills over the internet, find free ATMs and more. In this post, we will discuss Turbo Prepaid Visa Card activation process in detail.

The TurboTax Prepaid Visa Debit Card is provided by Green Dot Corporation and issued by Green Dot Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. The card can be used online, in-store and by phone everywhere, the Visa Debit card is accepted.


How to Create a Turbo Prepaid Card Online Account?

Once Your card is activated, it’s time to register for and set up your online account to manage the card online and access all the features such as send money person to person transfer, online bill pay, vault, and many more.

  • Go to the Turbo Prepaid Card homepage as mentioned above.
  • Click the “LOG IN’ button next to the Activation link.
  • In the Log In page, select “Create Online Account” from the bottom right section.
  • Enter the Card Number, Expiration Month, and Year,  in the respective fields.
  • Click “Continue” to set up your login credentials i.e. User ID and Password.

After creating the Turbo Prepaid Card online account, users can log into their card account and manage the card activity anytime anywhere over the web as they want.

Turbo Prepaid Card App

To control their money while on the go, the users can download the Turbo Prepaid Card App to their smartphone or mobile devices from App Store or Google Play. Using the app they will be able to monitor and manage their online card account exactly the same way they do it by logging into their Turbo Prepaid Card account on the website.

How To activate Turbo Prepaid Card

In order to activate their newly received Turbo Prepaid Visa Card, the cardholders can follow the steps listed below. The online Turbo Prepaid Card Activation process will take only a few minutes to complete. Make sure your card is handy while going through the procedure.

To begin the activation, visit the Turbo Prepaid Card page, www.turboprepaidcard.com, and click the “ACTIVATE CARD” button located at the top right corner of the page. Or, directly go to the Activation Page at turboprepaidcard.com/activate. Entering the activation page, you have to provide the following information.

  • 16-digit Card Number
  • Expiration Month
  • Expiration Year


TurboTax Prepaid Card Login Guide

  • For Tubo Prepaid Card login visit www.turboprepaidcard.com
  • Next click on ‘LOG IN’ Link from top menu.
  • On the next enter your Online user id,password and click Log In button to enter you TUrbo Prepaid Card online account.




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Adding Money to your TurboTax Prepaid Visa Card

The Turbo Prepaid Card is reloadable so you can add cash whenever the tax refund is used up. There are three ways you can load the money to the card

  • ASAP Direct Deposit– You can Set up ASAP Direct Deposit and get paid up to two days early or government benefits up to 4 days early
  • Reload the Register– over 100,000 retailers and financial service centers to deposit the cash to your card directly.
  • MoneyPak– add $20-$500 in cash for $5.95 when the card is not with you. MoneyPak is accepted most Visa, Mastercard and Discover debit cards along with 200 plus prepaid debit card brands.

TurboTax provides with a network of nearly 20,000 free ATMs for the users to withdraw their money. You can locate your nearest free ATM by clicking the FIND FREE ATMS in the website homepage and entering your address, city or ZIP.

FAQs for Turbo Prepaid Card

Q: How much does the Turbo Card cost?

  • The monthly Fees For Turbo Debit Card is $4.95. Deposit $1000 or more in previous month to wave of your Turbo Card Monthly Fee
  • Out Of Network ATM and teller cash, withdrawal fees are $2.50 per transaction.
  • The Foreign Transaction fee is 3% of the total amount.
  • The replacement Card fee is $5.
  • Paper Check pack of 12 paper fees is $5.95.
  • Out of network ATMs balance inquiry fee is $0.5

Q: What is the age criteria for Turbo Card?

A: Cardholders must be at least 18 years old.

Q: Is Tubo Card a credit card?

A: No. It’s a preloadable Debit Card.

Q: How do I check my Turbo Prepaid card balance or transaction history?

You can check your turbo card updated balance and transaction history by

  • Log into your online turbo card account.
  • You can check your Balance and transaction history on the Turbo Card mobile app.
  • You may also get your balance and transaction history by calling call (888) 285-4169 this number.





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