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by cclogin November 26, 2022

Activate YourRewardCard

If you were looking for the perfect prepaid debit card for your everyday expenses, then nothing can be better than YourRewardCard from Visa. You can shop online as much as you want, you can activate the card easily; use it everywhere you want, get access to several ATMs all around the world, and much more. In this article, we are going to describe YourRewardCard activation, login, and balance check. Read to know more.

About YourRewardCard

YourRewardCard is two prepaid debit cards, Visa Reward Card and MasterCard Reward Card. These cards offer a secure and easy way to pay bills, shop online, purchase gas, dine out, and many more. You can use this card for mail and phone order transactions. Using this card you can shop anywhere without any hassle. When you will be using the card you simply have to provide the card number, CVV, and expiration date. Your personal information will never be attached to the card account.

Your Reward Card Benefits

  • Simple Activation– you can simply activate the card online and by phone.
  • Add to Digital Wallets– you can use the card as digital wallets for store purchases
  • Use at ATM– you can use the card at any ATM and get cash back.
  • Accepted Almost Everywhere– The debit MasterCard and the Visa reward card is accepted almost everywhere. You can shop online, by phone, and by mail.


Activate YourRewardCard

To activate the card you need to visit the official webpage To know the login process, please refer to the below steps:

  • Go to the website from your web browser
  • Next, at the top right side of the page click on “activate card” to get started.
  • Enter the card number, expiration date, CVV and to get activated click on “Activate.”


Activate YourRewardCard By Phone:

  • You can also activate YourRewardCard by phone. If you have the card from house call or the card number starts from 538723 or 434340, you need to call on 1-833-634-3155 to activate the card.
  • For other cards call on 1-844-560-2893.

YourRewardCard Login:

To get logged in visit the web address From there you can access YourRewardCard Login. Check out the steps below:

  • Go to the webpage
  • Next, at the center left side of the page you will find the login fields.
  • Enter the card number, expiration date, CVV
  • Now click on “Sign in” to get logged in.

Your Reward Card Login

Check YourRewardCard Balance:

  • To check the balance you have to call the customer service team.
  • Or you can use to login with the online account.

How to Reset YourRewardCard PIN:

  • After you have activated the card you can change the PIN. For this you can visit com and login with the card account.
  • Or you can call on 1-844-560-2893.
  • You may have to deactivate the PIN and provide necessary information like the security code, expiration date and account number. You have to choose new 4 digit numbers for the PIN based purchases.


YourRewardCard Contact Details:

If you are facing trouble while logging in or activating the card, you can get in touch with the customer support team of YourRewardCard. Once you connect with the team, they will solve the issue and let you access your account as soon as possible.

Check out the contact details below:

Contact Number: 844-560-2893.

Write a mail to this address:

P.O. Box 826, Fortson, Georgia 31808.


Frequently Asked Questions about Your Reward Card

Can Visa Rewards Card Be Used Anywhere?

Yes, almost everywhere. This card will be accepted everywhere Visa is accepted. You also won’t have to worry about the overdraft fees, because your purchases will not exceed the card balance. You can shop anywhere without any hassle.

Can I Get Money Back Using The Visa Rewards Card?

This card is similar to other prepaid debit cards. This is accepted almost everywhere Visa is accepted. You can get cash back at ATMs and you have to withdraw money to get the offer. However, if the service is eligible for cash back, you will get your money back.

Why My Visa Rewards Card Isn’t Working?

The first reason can be that you haven’t activated the card online or by phone. Next, the cashier at the bank has done the wrong transaction. It can be when you are purchasing something that exceeds the money on the card, and that way the card will not work.

Will My Visa Reward Card Expire?

Yes, your card will expire. The Visa reward card will expire after seven years of buying it. You will get the expiration date printed on the card. You may have to use the expiration date at the time of purchase.

Why The Card Is Declining When It Has Money?

If your card has insufficient money, it can decline the transaction. You have to add more to make the purchase. Even though you have cash in your checking account, it will be different from the bank account balance and your other funds. You have to check the money on the rewards card by calling customer service or by logging into the online account.

Are There Any Fees for Visa Reward Card?

Yes. You have to pay a monthly $2.50 fee. Also, you have to pay $5.95 for each card if you want a replacement. To replace the card you have to call on 1-833-634-3155. Once you call, you will have to provide some information and then the card will be issued.

What to Do If My Card Gets Stolen or Is Lost

Get in touch with the card issuer immediately and report the incident. You will get the customer service details from the back of the prepaid card. You must keep a record of the card number, because the issuer may ask for the information to cancel the previous card and give you a replacement.

Will I Need A Receipt?

You can keep a receipt of the card transaction if you wish to. This will be required when you have to verify your transaction.


YourRewardCard is the combination of two cards Visa Reward Card and MasterCard Reward Card. If you are a card holder, you have to activate the card and login with the online account. Only that way you can use the prepaid debit card everywhere. However, if you find any problem while activating or logging in, you can contact the customer service team to solve it.


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