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by cclogin March 16, 2023

When it comes to Hyundai Motor Finance or HMFUSA, you will always get tailored leases, loans, and interest rates. However, the rates will depend on the loan amount, your residence, your income level, and your FICO score. Here, we are going to describe the Hyundai Motor Finance login, and bill payment. You have to read the entire article to know more.


About Hyundai Motor Finance

Hyundai Motor Finance was founded in 1989 and since that time, the company offers a full range of leasing and auto finance services in the USA. You can get access through the website of Hyundai Motor Finance. To access a loan you need a score of 650, and they offer a FICO credit check. If the borrower does not have a good credit score, they have to allow a consigner to add their name to the auto loan or lease. Let’s check out more in this article.


Benefits of HMFUSA

  • Special Rates– Hyundai Motor Finance offer special programs and rates to their customers. They also provide deals for repeat customers.
  • Online Service– Hyundai offers a website and it provides full services. You can control your account, pay the bill and view statements, and much more.
  • Extended Protection– You can choose from an extended auto protection program that includes mechanical coverage, insurance theft and loss, and maintenance services.
  • Discount-You will get discounts for borrowers. You can get a 10% Hyundai Power Protect discount.


Hyundai Motor Finance Login

  • Visit the web address
  • Next at the upper left side of the page there is the login section.
  • Add the username, password click on “Log in” option to access your HMFUSA account.

HMFUSA-Hyundai Motor Finance Login


How to Reset HMFUSA Login Details

  • To reset the Hyundai Motor Finance login details use the link
  • Next at the upper left side login section click on “Forgot username” option to get started.
  • For the individual enter registered email, birthdate, last four digits of SSN and click on “Next” button to verify further and complete the username reset.
  • For business enter account associated email, VIN number, last four digits of Tax ID. Click on “Next” and follow the page instructions and complete the username recovery process.
  • To reset the password click on “Forgot password?”
  • Provide the required details and follow the page prompts to complete the process.

How to Create HMFUSA Account

You need to create an account to access the login process. Follow the below steps to register for the Hyundai Motor Finance online account.

  • Go to the web address
  • Next at the upper left side of the page there is the login section.
  • Under the sign in spaces click on “Create an account” option to get started.
  • Provide account number or VIN, date of birth, last four digits of SSN.
  • Now click on “Verify” option to complete the account creation process.


Hyundai Motor Finance Bill Payment Options

Hyundai Motor Finance bill payment has different options. You will get online, by phone and mail. You need to keep your account number and your credit or debit card with you. For the mail you can pay by check or money order only. Check out the bill payment options below.


Hyundai Motor Finance Online Bill Payment

  • You can pay the bill online using the URL
  • Next at the upper left side of the page find the login section and enter the right details to get logged in.
  • After that you can make the payment.
  • You can also set up the auto payment after you sign in.


HMFUSA Payment by Phone

  • You can make the payment by phone
  • You must have your HMF account and banking information with you
  • Call Automated phone system- 1-866-498-4455
  • There is a convenience fee of $3.95 per payment to use the service
  • Call and speak with a live representative- 1-866-644-1350
  • You will have to pay a convenience fee of $7.95 per payment to use this service.


Hyundai Motor Finance Bill Payment by Mail

  • Make the bill payment through mail address.
  • Send a check or money order for retail customers- Hyundai Motor Finance. PO Box 650805. Dallas, TX 75265-0805
  • For lease customers- Hyundai Motor Finance. PO Box 660891. Dallas, TX 75266-0891


HMFUSA Bill Payment in Person

  • You can make the payment in person.
  • Western Union: Call on 800-634-3422 to find a location. You will have to provide some information to make the payment.
  • Pay to- Hyundai Motor Finance. City Code- Hyundai. State Code- CA
  • MoneyGram: Call on 800-666-3947 to find a location. You will have to provide some details.
  • Company- Hyundai. Use Code- 3814. Receive Code- 3814
  • Western Union or MoneyGram will charge you a convenience fee for the payment services.
  • You can also pay using Visa or MasterCard through Western Union Quick Collect.
  • To use Western Union Quick Collect, call on (800) 634-3422. You must have your Hyundai Motor Finance account number with other information:
  • Payee- Hyundai Motor Finance. City Code- Hyundai. State Code- CA.
  • There is a convenience fee for this payment service.


Hyundai Motor Finance Customer Service

You can easily login to your Hyundai Motor Finance online account, but if you are having problems logging in, you can contact the customer service team. They will help you access the account as soon as possible.

Check out the contact details below

Contact Number- 800-523-4030.

Write a mail to this address

Hyundai Motor Finance

P.O. Box 20829, Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0829



What Is The Grace Period for Hyundai Motor Finance?

The grace period is from 7 to 15 days.

Can I Pay Off Hyundai Motor Finance Early?

Yes, you can do that. You will not get charged a pre-payment fee. So if you have saved money, you can pay it off early.

Can I Skip A Payment with Hyundai Motor Finance?

Before an application is approved and you have not yet used the auto finance benefits you can request a loan deferment. After the application is approved, you can skip the next three payments, and you have to pay it off at the end of the lease term.

Will I Get Hyundai Motor Finance Refinance?

The company does not offer to refinance. The company will regard it as a bad choice if you buy a non-Hyundai car or refinance the recent loan.

How Can I Get Out of HMFUSA Lease?

You can call an advisor at 855-436-5378. Once you have started the buyout process, you have to complete it through a procedure. You have to negotiate a buyout quote, obtain a buyout package, bring the package to the selected place and visit the DMV office to complete the transfer.

What Score Do I Have to Carry for Hyundai Motor Finance Services?

You must have a score of 720 or more than that, which is the tier 1 credit score. You might also qualify with a 650 scores.



We have detailed the important information about Hyundai Motor Finance in this article. We hope that you find the necessary steps from here. However, if you still face login issues, you can contact the customer support team.

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