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KMFUSA or Kia Motors Finance (United States of America) is a subsidiary of Kia Motors, which is committed to help their vehicle customers. The company provides one of the best supports to the owners of vehicles from Kia Motors. To help out the customers, Kia Motors Finance offers a website, where you can apply for credit, make payments and many more. In this article, we are going to discuss about KMFUSA login or Kia Motors Finance Login and bill payment. Read on to know more.

About Kia Motors Finance

Kia Motors Finance was founded under the main company Kia Motors in 1989. KMFUSA offers a wide range of auto financing products and services to their customers. The company is dedicated to provide responsive, reliable and convenient account services with the right value. The official website is, and it offers an online portal for the customers of Kia Motors. You can make payment, see or request documents, apply for credit, know about the recent offers and more. It’s a hassle-free platform for the vehicle owners of Kia Motors.


Benefits of KMFUSA

  • Own Your Vehicle– This financing sector allows you to own your vehicle even when you are short on money. Kia Motors Finance will support you financially to own the car.
  • No End-Of-Term Fees– The financial services from KMFUSA charges you no term end fees. This is exceptional because other companies do.
  • Unlimited Mileage– you will get unlimited mileage with the car you just bought with the help of KMFUSA.
  • Flexible Terms- The company offers terms from 24 to 60 months.
  • Pay Off the Loan Without Penalty– You have the independence of paying off the loan any time and you won’t even have to pay penalty.
  • Roadside Assistance– You will get roadside assistance as a customer of Kia Motors Finance.


How to Access Your KMFUSA Login

  • To get logged in go to the KMFUSA account official website
  • Next at the upper left side of the page find the login section.
  • Add the username, password click on “Log in” to get signed in with the KMFUSA online account.


How to Login KMFUSA


Reset Kia Motors Finance Login Details

  • If you forgot the KMFUSA login details use the link
  • Next from the upper left side login section click on “Forgot username” to get started.

How to Recover Kia Motors Finance Login ID


  • For an individual enter email, birth date, last four digits of SSN and click on “next” to verify further and complete the login reset.
  • For business customer add email, VIN number, last four digits of TAX ID.
  • To retrieve the password, click on “Forgot Password” to access the next step.

How to Recover Kia Finance America Passward


  • Provide the required details and follow the page instructions to complete the password reset process.


How to Create Kia Motors Finance Login Account


  • To create an account, go to the web address
  • Next from the upper left side of the page under the login sections click on “create an account” to go to the next step.


How to Create KMFUSA new Account

  • Add your account number or VIN, date of birth, last four digits of SSN. For business add the account number, VIN number, last four digits of tax ID and click on “verify” to follow the page instructions after this.


How to Create KMFUSA new Account online


How to Apply for KMFUSA Credit


  • If you want to apply for KMFUSA credit you have to visit the webpage
  • Next at the center of the page choose the model and trim.


How to Apply for KMFUSA Credit

  • Add the zip code and click on “Apply for credit” to finish the application.


KMFUSA Bill Payment Options

KMFUSA has different payment options like online, auto pay, one-time payment, mail and by phone. You can make the payment flexibly using these options. Keep your credit or debit card with you and the invoice. Let’s take a look at the bill payment options.


KMFUSA Online Bill Payment

  • You can make the KMFUSA payment online using the online link
  • Next at the upper left side of the page you will find the login section.

How to Login KMFUSA


  • Enter the details and after logging into your KMFUSA online account you can make the payment.


Kia Finance Bill Payment by Auto Pay

  • You can set up the auto payment after logging into the online account.
  • Go to the web address
  • Next from the upper left side of the page add the login details and find the auto pay section to set it up.
  • You will get the enrollment form and you have to fill it up and submit it.


KMFUSA One Time Payment

  • You have to login with the online account of KMFUSA using the link
  • You have to login with the online account first and then make monthly payment for this.


KMFUSA Bill Payment by Phone

  • You can make the payment by calling on a designated phone number
  • Call on the toll-free numbers- 866-498-4455. There is an additional fee of $3.95.
  • You can make a payment by talking to a live person. Call on- 866-644-1350.
  • You have to pay $7.95.


Kia Motors Finance Bill Payment by Mail

  • Make the payment by mail.
  • Send the money order or check to the designated address.
  • Post the payment to Regular Mail Address: Kia Motors Finance. P.O. Box 650805. Dallas, TX 75265-0805
  • Overnight Mail Address: Kia Motors Finance. Box 650805. 1501 North Plano Rd., Suite 100. Richardson, TX, 75081
  • For Lease Customers. Regular Mail Address: Kia Motors Finance. P.O. Box 660891. Dallas, TX 75266-0891
  • Overnight Mail Address: Kia Motors Finance. Box 660891. 1501 North Plano Rd., Suite 100. Richardson, TX, 75081


Kia Motors Finance Customer Help

If you are facing some login and bill payment issues, you can contact the customer service team. Once you get in touch with the customer service representative, they will help you get access to your account. You can contact them from Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (Eastern Time).

  • Contact Number- 1-866-331-5632
  • Contact Number- 1-800-333-4542

Write a mail to this address

Kia Finance America

PO Box 20825

Fountain Valley, CA 92728



What Credit Score Needed for Kia Motors Finance?

To get a financial service from KMFUSA, you need 650 to 850 credit score. However, there are other factors to get an approval. You will get the application requirements when you apply for a car loan.

Is It Possible to Skip a Car Loan Payment with KMFUSA?

The company will approve your account for a payment deferral. After that you will get permission to skip the payments. Interest will still attach, but you will not have to pay a late payment fee.

Is There a Grace Period with KMFUSA?

Kia Motors Finance has the grace period of 7 to 15 days. However, after that you have to pay a late fee.

Will KMFUSA Charge a Prepayment Penalty?

No. Kia will not charge this fee. You can always pay off the loan early without paying any charges.

What is the KMFUSA Late Fee?

The late fee varies on the loan amount. The minimum fee is 5% of your monthly payment. It’s important to take advantage of the grace period.


KMFUSA offers flexible financial services for their customers. You can know more about it from the official website. However, if you face any problem with the account or bill payment, you can always contact the customer service team.


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