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by cclogin August 27, 2022
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Sheffield Financial Login and Registration Process

If you are looking for business loans, then Sheffield Financial can offer you some solid and reliable options. You can be a dealer of loans or just a customer; you will get services for both categories. In this article, we are going to describe the Sheffield Financial login, loan application, dealer services, and loan bill payment. Read this article, from top to bottom to know more.

About Sheffield Financial

Sheffield Financial was established in 1992, later in 1997 it was acquired by Truist bank. You will find better business loan services from this company. The company holds $30 billion assets of their customers today. They offer lifestyle equipment loans for work and other purposes. You can become a dealer with Sheffield Financial or work as a customer with the financial institution and in both cases, you will get profuse guidance.

Sheffield Financial Benefits

  • Best Customer Service: you will get perfect customer services from Sheffield Financial. You can get in touch with the customer representative directly.
  • Better Financing Promotion For Dealers: if you are a dealer, you will get better financing promotion.
  • Easy Loan Application: as a customer you can apply for loans easily and through online services.

Sheffield Financial Login Benefits

  • Get to check your e-statement
  • You can request an address change
  • Make the loan payments online
  • Avail your online accounts

Sign up For Sheffield Financial Account

As a customer to get logged into the Sheffield Financial online account, you need to sign up first. Follow the below steps:

  • Visit the web address
  • Secondly, at the top right side of the page click on the “Log in” tab to get the options. Click on “customers” to access the login section.
  • After that, at the center under the login spaces click on “Sign up” to go to the registration page.


Sheffield Financial Sign up


  • Provide your first and last name, social security number, the 9-digit account number, your email, and confirm your email ID. Agree to the online services and electronic communication terms.
  • Now click on “Continue the application process” to proceed with page instructions. And this way you can complete the signup process.

Sheffield Financial Login Guide

To get access to the Sheffield Financial Login, you need to use the website Check out the below steps


Sheffield Financial Login


  • Add the user ID, and password and click on “Login” to get signed into the customer’s account.

Retrieve Sheffield Financial Login Details

  • To retrieve the customer login details use the link
  • Next, at the upper right side of the login section choose customers to access the login page.
  • After that, under the sign-in spaces click on “Forgot login name” to reset the user ID.


Sheffield Financial forgot login name


  • Add your registered email, mailing zip code, and birth date, and click on the “Request login name tab to get the user ID.
  • If you need the password click on “Forgot password?” to retrieve the detail.


Sheffield Financial forgot password page


  • Enter the user ID, registered email, and mailing zip code, and hit on “request password” to get the password.

Apply for A Loan at Sheffield Financial


Sheffield Financial loan application


  • Choose from an individual or join the applicant. Add the amount. Select manufacturer, product, choose the use, primary applicant details, mailing information, contact initials, employer details, and nearest relative details. Agree to the terms and click on “next” to proceed with page instructions this way you can complete the loan application.

Register with Sheffield Financial Dealer Account


register for Sheffield Financial Dealer account


  • After that, under the login space click on “Please “click” here if you are NOT already registered as a Sheffield Financial Dealer” to go to the sign up section.
  • Provide your contact name, dealership name, physical address, city, state, zip, mailing address, login details, choose manufacturers, agree with the terms and click on “submit” to complete the registration.

 Sheffield Financial Dealer Login

If you want to become a dealer at Sheffield Financial, you need to go through the login process. Check out the below steps:

  • Firstly, go to the webpage
  • Next, at the top left side of the page click on the “Dealer” tab to access the dealer section, or go to the link.
  • After that, at the upper right side of the page click on “Log in” to get the options. Choose and click on “Dealers” to go to the login section.


Sheffield Financial Dealer Login


  • Add the required login details and click on “Log in” to get signed in as a Dealer at Sheffield Financial.

Reset Sheffield Financial Dealer Login Information

  • For this use the link
  • Secondly, at the upper right side of the page click on Log in to get the options.
  • Click on “Dealers” to access the login page, or go to the link
  • Click on “Forgot your password?” under the login spaces to access the login retrieval process.


Sheffield Dealer forgot password


  • Enter the username, registered email address, zip code and click on “next” to proceed with the page prompts and complete the login reset procedure.

How to Become a Dealer at Sheffield Financial

If you want to become a dealer follow the steps below


Sheffield become a dealer


  • After that, at the center right click on the “get started” button to start the application.
  • You will have to download a PDF form. Fill it up with the required details and send it through an email address: Or you can send Fax: 877-303-4653.
  • For the second step, you need to register as a dealer with the online account.
  • The company will finalize your registration first and only then you can login with the online account. You will get an email with the acceptance from Sheffield Financial.


Sheffield Financial Bill Payment

Sheffield Financial Bill Auto Payment

  • If you are a customer you can make the loan payment through auto payment.
  • You have to login with the online account using the URL
  • Choose customers accounts to sign in. Once you are logged in you can set the auto payment.
  • Choose “Customers” from the top left side on the page.
  • Now, at the upper left side on the page click on “payment options” to check the payment options.
  • After that, at the center left side click on “Auto pay” section to check the details. There you will get information of a PDF page that you can download and send it through email: By fax: 888-761-0820. By mail: PO Box 25127. Winston-Salem, NC 27114.

Make Sheffield Financial Payment Online

  • You can make online bill payment by logging into the customer online account.
  • Use the link
  • After you login you can make the payment using your debit card, and bank accounts.

Bill Payment by Bank Transfer for Sheffield Financial

  • You have to use your 9-digit account number and send the payment to this addres:
  • Sheffield Financial. PO Box 580229. Charlotte, NC 28258-0229

Sheffield Financial Bill Payment by Phone

  • You can make the payment by phone.
  • Dial the number: 800-735-1903.
  • Here you can pay by electronic checks or your debit card.

Pay Bill by Mail for Sheffield Financial

  • Send money order, cashier’s check, and personal check. Cash will not be accepted. Tear off the coupon from your bill statement and attach it to the mail.
  • Post it to: Sheffield Financial. PO Box 580229. Charlotte, NC 28258-0229.

How to Pay Sheffield Financial Bill in Person?

  • Make the payment in person at Western Union and MoneyGram locations. You have to find the places first and then visit the nearest office.
  • You can pay the Sheffield Financial loan payment at Western Union.
  • Use the code: Code City Sheffield, NC.
  • If you are going to pay at MoneyGram use the code: Receive Code 6383.


Sheffield Financial Customer Support

If you are facing Sheffield Financial login issues, you must get in touch with the customer support team. Once you contact them, they will help you access your online account.

Let’s look at the contact details below:

Contact Number: 888-438-8837.


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Sheffield Financial FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Grace Period at Sheffield Financial?

A: There is no grace period. If you fail to make the payment within the due date, you will have to pay a fee.

Q: What Credit Bureau Does Sheffield Financial Use?

A: The company mainly uses the reports from TransUnion to check the loan applications. Sheffield Financial also uses the services of Equifax, and Experian to check customer’s credit information.

Q: Can I Skip a Loan Payment at Sheffield Financial?

A: You can but it will be added to next month’s bill. It will also not delay the expiration date or a promotional offer.


Sheffield Financial is a loan service company. You can access its services as a dealer or a customer. To access its functions, you need to login with the online account. But if you face login issues, you can get in touch with the online account.

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