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amazon credit card Overview

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Amazon Credit Card Overview 2022

Amazon or is an American e-commerce website. In recent years, Amazon has shifted to being a cloud computing site as well. In the US, it is the largest retailer business even surpassing Walmart. Amazon is a website that has country-coded domains in over ten countries worldwide. For example, is Amazon’s country-coded domain for its German users. It is an internet company that is based in Seattle, Washington.

How Many Types of Amazon Credit Cards Are There?

  • Basically, there are three types of credit cards that are offered by
  • First is your Rewards Visa Card which is offered by Chase Bank.
  • The second is Store Card or Prime Store Card by Synchrony Bank
  • The third is your Amazon Business Card by American Express which is ideal for businesses, schools, institutions, and libraries.


Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards

Amazon Rewards Visa Card and Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card are offered by JPMorgan Chase. Below we will discuss Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards  feature benefits, login, activation, bill payments, and many more

Amazon Rewards Card Benefits and Rewards

  • You can earn reward points on every purchase made by your amazon rewards visa signature card. For further queries please see the amazon rewards visa signature card reward point offer page.
  • If you are a prime member, you can earn 5% cash back at And if you are not a prime member, still you will earn 3% cashback.
  • You can earn 2% cash back on restaurant bills, gas station bills, and drug store bills by paying through your amazon rewards visa signature card.
  • You can earn 1% cash back on all purchases.
  • You can shop at by using your reward points. Also, you can redeem your points as cash back, you can by gift cards, or can redeem for travel.
  • If you are a new member to the amazon reward visa signature card, you may earn a gift card as a bonus. To know more please contact the customer help center.
  • You can get extended warranty security, auto rental coverage, and many more with your amazon reward visa signature card.
  • You can enjoy contactless payment with your amazon rewards visa signature card, it’s just a tap away to check out.
  • Your amazon wallet will be credited with a $50 gift card instantly once your application is approved.
  • It has no foreign transaction fee.


Amazon Store Card Overview

The Prime Store Card is available to customers with an Eligible Prime Membership only, subject to credit approval. The Prime Store Card, an upgrade from the Amazon Store Card,

Amazon Store Credit Card Features

  • Once your application for the Amazon store card is approved you will instantly receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card.
  • You can opt-in for 0% APR financing on purchases. So that you can make purchases now and pay with easy monthly installments.
  • Zero Annual has absolutely zero responsibility on any fraud.
  • You will get 5% cash back for prime store card members on
  • You will get a chance to pay your purchases in equal monthly payments at the financing offer period T 0% APR. On purchases of $150 or more, you can split your payments into 6 equal monthly installments. On purchases of $600 or more, you can split your payments into 12 or 24 equal monthly installments.
  • You can get a special financing offer on all your purchases over $150 or more. For $150 or more purchases you can pay in 6 equal monthly payments. For $600 and more purchases, you can pay in 12 equal monthly payments. For $800 and more purchases, you can pay in 24 equal monthly payments.

Frequently Asked Questions  for Amazon Store Card

Q: How can I get 5% cash back on a prime store card?

A: If you are an eligible prime store card member, you can earn 5% cash back on your eligible amazon purchases. Your account will be credited the reward points which is $1 per 1 point.

Q: Where can I use the amazon store card?

A: You can amazon store card to make purchases on, AWS, amazon fresh,,,, and more. To know more information, you can contact the amazon help center.

Q: How will I get the amazon gift card after the approval of my application for the amazon store card?

A: Once your application for the amazon store card is approved the amazon gift card will instantly reflect in your amazon wallet.

Q: How to pay the amazon store card bill?

A: You can get paper or an e-statement whichever works for you. For further information please go to

Q: How can I get to about special financing and equal monthly payment offers?

A: It depends on your amazon store card credit approval. To know more you can contact the amazon help center.


Amazon Secured Card

Amazon Secured Card only can be used on amazon com online and in its physical stores.

Benefits of Amazon Secured Card

  • If you are new to credit or trying to rebuild your credit, Amazon secured card gives you the opportunity.
  • Zero annual fees.
  • You can use Amazon secured card for shopping online at or any amazon store.
  • Amazon secured card sends your payment record to all major credit bureaus. That helps you to build your credit score.
  • Like any other secured card, the amazon secured card needs a deposit primarily but with time it gives you the chance to turn to a usual credit card which does not require any deposit depending on your creditworthiness.

Amazon Secured Card Features.

  • Once you get the approval, to activate the secured card you need to make a security deposit. You can deposit an amount between $50 -$100 and you will get approval for the amount (maximum $1000).
  • At any point in time, you are free to choose to pay off the balance and close your account. Your deposit will be refunded.
  • You may be eligible to activate the store card features after 12 billing cycles if your credit profile is satisfactory. Your account will be continued at zero annual fees and you will get back your security deposit. For more queries, please see the terms and conditions.
  • You will get a no-cost credit tracking tool to keep an eye on your credit score.
  • Amazon Secured Card has a 10% APR.
  • With an eligible prime membership, you will get 2% cash back on the purchases at, amazon fresh, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions for Amazon Secured Card

Q: What is the difference between a secured card and other credit cards?

A: The secured card works much like other credit cards, it just needs a security deposit. The secured card helps you to build or improve your credit profile.

Q: Why the deposit is required for Amazon Store Card?

A: To activate all the Amazon secured card features initially you need to make a security deposit. Also, your credit limit will be equal to the amount of your deposit.

Q: Is the security deposit refundable?

A: Yes, you will get your Amazon Store Card deposit back when you pay off the balance and close your account. For more information, you can contact customer service.

Q: How the amazon secured card is different from other debit or prepaid cards?

A: Amazon secured card is a credit card that does not work like debit or prepaid cards. You will get a monthly statement and have to pay the balance within the due date. Most importantly, you can actually make or rebuild your credit profile which cannot be done with a debit or prepaid card.

Q: If I want to activate the store card features, do I need to apply for a new credit card?

A: Certainly not. After completion of 12 months as the account holder, Amazon secured card will give you the opportunity to activate the store card features. If you agree to convert to the store card your secured card will be converted to that. For more detail, you can visit the amazon credit card help center.


Amazon Business American Express Card

Card Benefits Of Amazon Business Credit Card

  • You can get 3% cash back on the first $12,000 every year. After that, you will get 1% cash back on every purchase made by your Amazon Business American Express Card. Even you will get 2% cash back on restaurant bills, gas stations, and on wireless telephone services in the USA.
  • There is no annual fee on Amazon Business American Express Card.
  • You can earn a $100 statement credit on your first $3,000 purchase made by your Amazon Business American Express Card in the first 3 months.
  • You can have some more business benefits on your American Express Card. You can get employee cards, account management, and annual account summary.
  • You can get more benefits from shopping also. For further detail please get in touch with customer service.
  • You can get travel-related benefits on your American Express Card. You will also get a global hotline for all your queries.
  • You can enjoy zero foreign transaction fees on any international purchase.

Amazon Business Credit Card Rewards

  • You will earn 3% cash back rewards on your first $12,000 purchase every year. You can redeem the rewards on shopping at and Amazon Business or you can redeem the points on paying your monthly bill.
  • You can pay later for your US purchases made by your amex Amazon Card. For more queries, please contact customer service.
  • You can enhance your cash back percentage too. McAfee, Amazon Freight and others gives you special offers. For details, please contact customer service.

FAQs for Amazon Business American Express Card

Q: How to apply for the Amex Amazon Business  Card?

A: You can apply for an Amazon Business amex Card online. Please visit card. To apply for the Amazon Business Card, you have to be an authorized financial decision-maker of your company.

Q: How can I make payments on my Amazon Business amex Card?

A: You can make payments online or through the mobile app. Please visit

Q: Can I use my reward points for shopping at and amazon business?

A: To redeem your reward points while shopping at you just need to add your card to your Amazon account. For further assistance, you may contact customer service.

Q: Is it necessary to add beneficial owner information at the time of the amazon business card application?

A: According to US Customer Due Diligence Rule, if you are applying for the card on a company or partnership’s behalf it is mandatory to provide information of the beneficial owner. For more queries you may contact the customer service anytime.

Q: Is there any difference between Basic Card Member and Employee Card Member?

A: The basic card member is the primary applicant of the card to whom American Express sends the monthly statement bill and the employee card member can access the account of the basic card member. For more information, you contact the customer service desk.

Q: What is the maximum number of employee cards I can apply for the Amazon Business Credit cards?

A: You can apply for a maximum of 99 employee cards. Please visit for more details.


How to Apply For Amazon Credit Card?

If you want to apply for your all Amazon Credit Card follow the steps below.

Apply For a Chase Amazon Credit Card Online

It is easy to apply your Chase Amazon Credit Card Online. the process is given below.

  • Open your browser and go to the link.
  • Then scroll a bit here you can find the Learn more today link click on that, and after that click on Proceed.
  • When the new page opens click on the Apply Now button in the middle of the page.


Chase Amazon Credit Card apply


  • After that login to your Amazon account and follow the on-screen process.

How to Apply for Amazon Store Card?

If you want to apply for your Amazon Store Card follow this process.


Amazon Store Card Apply


  • After that, a new page will open, here enter your First name, Last Name, Street address, city, state,  zip code, Phone number, and email address.
  • Then click on the Continue button.

Apply For Amazon Secured Card

This Amazon Secured Card is offered by Synchrony bank. This Card is best for anyone who has a poor credit score and rebuilds the credit score. If you want to apply this card follow the process.


Amazon Secured Card Apply


  • Then enter your Street address, City, Zip Code, and Phone number.
  • After that click on the Continue button, for further process.

How to Apply For Amex Amazon Business Card?

With the help of this business card, Amazon gives all its card member special Amazon Web Service(AWS) rewards points. if you want to apply follow the process.


Amex Amazon Business Card


  • After that again click on Apply now button.
  • Then enetr your Business details, personal details.
  • After that click on the Submit button.

How to Activate Your Amazon Credit Card?

If you have an Amazon Credit Card and want to use it. So you need to activate your card then you can use your card anywhere you want.

Activate Chase Amazon Credit Card (Amazon Rewards Card)

If you want to activate your chase Amazon Credit Card, there are two main and easy ways to activate your card.

  • By Phone Number

Look at your Credit Card closely, you will find a phone number. Call this number and follow the instructions from an automated void operator. By providing your card number and social security number over the phone, your card will be activated.

  • Online Method

You can activate your card online go to the Chase Amazon credit card login page at then login to your account. After that follow the instruction to activate your card online.

How to Activate Amazon Synchrony Card (Amazon Store card and Amazon Secured card)

To activate your Amazon Synchrony Card you just need to login into your Amazon Synchrony Card account at After that go to your Activate card option here and follow the on-screen guidelines to activate your card.

How to Activate Amazon Amex Business Card?

There are two common ways to activate your Amazon Amex Business Card these are given below.

  • By Online

Go to your Amex card activation page at then enetr your 15-digit amazon card number and 4- digit card id and click on confirm button. After that follow the on-screen process to activate your Amex amazon card.


Activate Amazon Amex Business Card


  • By Mobile App

You can use their mobile app to activate your Amex amazon card. Download the Amex app for the google app store or Apple app store. Then go to activate tab here enter your required details and follow the process to activate your Amex amazon card.

How to Register Amazon Credit Card Online

Here in this part of the article, we will discuss how to register your Amazon Credit Card from different bank perspectives.

Register your Chase Amazon Credit Card

If you want to register your Chase Amazon Credit Card follow these steps below.

  • Open your favorite browser and go to link.
  • Then click on the Not enrolled? Sign up now link, which is located bellow the Sign in button.


Chase Amazon Credit Card Register


  • After that select the type of card you have personal business or commercial. In this article we use personal as an example, feal free choice at your own.
  • Then enetr your card number, social security number, and username.
  • After that click on Next button for further process.

How to Register your Amazon Synchrony Card

Amazon Synchrony Card registration process is much easier than any other.

  • Open your browser first, and go to link.
  • Then clcik on the I want to Register link at the buttom of the login tab.


Amazon Synchrony Card Register


  • After that enetr your account number and Zip code.
  • then click on the Continue button.

Register for Amex Amazon Business Card

Are you a Amex Amazon business card holder and want to register your card, you are in the wright place.


Amex Amazon Business Card Register


  • Then enter your 15-digit card number and 4-digit CardID.
  • And Finally, click on Confirm button to register your card.

Amazon Credit Card Login Guides

Below the details guide about amazon credit card login step by step

Chase Amazon Credit Card Login Process

  • As it is mentioned above, there are three types of Amazon Credit Cards.
  • For the three types, there are three different individual ways of logging in.
  • For your Amazon Rewards Card Login Visit
  • Proceed to enter your User ID and Password in the login box.
  • If you are not using your own PC to log in, do not Tick the Option ‘Remember Me.
  • Finally, log in to your amazon chase card by clicking on the green ‘Sign In to Accounts’ button at the bottom.




  • If you face login problems while signing in, click on the ‘Forgot User ID/Password?‘ link.
  • Follow each procedure step by step to recover or reset your id or password.


Amazon Synchrony Card Login Guide

For Amazon store card login, go to the Amazon Store Card Login page by simply clicking on this store card

    • Enter your User ID which may vary from your User ID.
    • Second enter your password in the second field that is provided.
    • Please remember that both your User ID and password are case sensitive.
    • Lastly, click on the ‘Secure Login‘ button to sign in to your account.
    • If you face login problems, you can click on the two links provided below.
    • Find User ID‘ link is when you forget your User ID, ‘Reset Password‘ is to reset your forgotten password.
    • Each step will need to be followed while recovering or resetting your login details.


Manage Your Amazon Credit Card Account


Amazon American Express Business Card Login Business Credit Card, please click on the link provided for you below.

  • Proceed to click on the link here
  • The Credit page will load in a New Tab automatically.
  • You can locate the ‘Login‘ button which you need to click on.
  • Enter your User ID in the field provided, remember that is case sensitive.
  • The above means that while typing in your User ID, make sure the lower cases and upper cases letters are correct.
  • Click on ‘Login‘ when you have typed in the correct User ID.

While this is how you can log in to Amazon credit cards for making purchases. You can simply make an login ID and when making a purchase, enter your Credit Card details.


More Related Resources


Amazon Credit Card Bill Payment Guide

You can pay your Amazon Credit Card Bill any time anywhere.

How to Pay your Chase Amazon Credit Card Payment?

If you have a Chase Amazon Credit Card and want to pay your Bill follow the steps below.

  • Go to page and log in to your Chase Amazon Credit Card account. After that go to the Pay bill section, and enter the amount you want to pay to complete the process.

Amex Amazon Business Card Bill Payment Process

Login to your Amex Amazon Card accounts at Then go to the Payment tab here, you can pay your Amex Amazon business card bill online.

How to pay your Amazon Synchrony Card Bill Online

You can pay your Amazon Synchrony Card bill easily. Synchrony bank provide 3 way to pay your amazon card bill these are.

  • Online Process

Go to the Amazon Synchrony Card login page at Then go to ‘Payments’ then ‘View and Make Payments’ tab. here you can pay your bill easily.

  • Bill Pay by Phone

Call at 866-634-8379 number, then provide the on-call information and follow the process and pay your bill.

  • Pay Bill by Mail

You can make a check or money order to Synchrony bank at

Synchrony Bank / Amazon
P.O. Box 960013
Orlando, FL 32896-0013


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