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by cclogin August 07, 2019

76 Gas Gift Card Balance Check

The 76 Gas Gift Card users can check the balance on their Card Account in several simple and easy ways such as online, by phone or visit a 76 location. Though the sales receipt always show the remaining card balance information if the card is used at the store, sometimes you may need to know the balance without any purchase. At that time these methods especially the online one can help you a lot.

76 Gas Gift Card is a perfect gift for everyone on every occasion. It can be given to the friends and family members on their birthdays and holidays, or just to say thank or for their graduation or college care packages and more. The card is also a great medium to energize your business as you can use it to reward the loyal customers, entice new customers and award employee performance. The gift cards can be used to make purchases at 76 convenience stores and TOP TEAR 76 gasoline at the pump.

How to Check 76 Gift Card Balance Online

76 Gas Prepaid Cardmembers can check their card balance online at the Card Balance Lookup portal which is solely intended for the use of consumers making balance inquiries for branded gift cards they own and possess. Here is a brief guide provided for you to do it rightly.


  • Enter the 19-digit 76 Card Number on the designated field located at the top middle of the page of the site.
  • Then you may be required to mark the “I’m not a robot” reCAPTCHA checkbox for the security purpose.




  • Click the “Submit” button near the bottom of the page to view 76 Gas Gift Card Balance.

How to Check 76 Gift Card Balance By Phone

Another convenient way for your 76 Gift Card balance inquiries is over the phone. To check the amount of money you have on your 76 prepaid cards, you can call the following number.

76 Gift Card Balance Check Phone Number: 1-877-526-6626

You may also call the number back on your76 Gift Card to inquire about the remaining balance.

How to Check 76 Gift Card Balance In-Store

Apart from online or by phone, you can visit your nearest 76 gas station and check the balance on your77 Gas Gift Card. To find a 76 station in your area, go to the 76 official websites at www.76.com and click the “Find a station” link at the upper left-hand side of the homepage. Or, you can directly access the webpage at www.76.com/station-finder.

Enter your location at the search bar at the top left corner of the page. You can also apply various filters like mile radius, amenities, promotions, etc. to widen or narrow down your search result.


More Information about 76 Gift Card

  • The 76 Gift Cards are available in $25, $50, $100 and $250 denominations
  • The expiration date is shown on the front of the 76 Gift Card.
  • Can be used inside for all authorized convenience items and automotive products and services
  • The purchase amount is automatically deducted from the card balance until the fund is used up.
  • Cards with low balance may not function at certain pumps and stations. For that, you may be refunded for the full remaining balance on your card.

About 76

76, a subsidiary of Phillips 66 Company, is a gas station chain in the United States. The company was founded by Lyman Stewart of the Union Oil Company of California or Unocal and the 76 gasoline was first introduced in 1932. And 76 gas station signage the iconic orange balls with ‘76’ written on them made its entry in 1962. Currently, it has upgraded stations to TOP TIER gas at more than 1800 location across the country.

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Contact Information

76 Gift Card Customer Care Number at 1-877-526-6626

To reach the retailer’s customer service; call the number on the back of your 76 Gas Gift Card.

To order a 76 Gas Gift Card or to obtain a refund on it, you can call SVM at 1-800-786-8028 Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST.

76 Customer Care Number at 1-800-527-5476

Mailing Address:

Consumer Service Department
P.O. Box 7200
Bartlesville, OK 74005

Reference :


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