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by cclogin April 12, 2022
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NJMCdirect is a popular and secured online ticket payment platform managed by New Jersey Municipal Court to make the traffic tickets payment process simple and quick for New Jersey people.

NJMCdirect is an online platform for municipal ticket & traffic ticket payment for New Jersey vehicle proprietors. NJMCdirect online official web portal assists you to make payments for your pending New Jersey (NJ) traffic penalties online at www.njmcdirect.com.

The New Jersey State Government owns the NJMCDIRECT web portal directly. So, you need not worry about making payments for municipal tickets and parking tickets online. You can simply utilize an internet-enabled device to settle your municipal violations without going to the New Jersey (NJ) Municipal Court.

What is NJMCDirect Payment:

New Jersey legal policies state that the traffic violation fines by vehicle owners should be paid to the New Jersey (NJ) Municipal Courts. It means you will be required to go to the court primarily, wait in the queue, and most possibly waste your precious time too much.

If the traffic violation is your fault, you will need to settle it anyway. Then to pay the fine manually you will require to be present physically before a New Jersey (NJ) municipal judge. To avoid the situation, New Jersey State announced the system of paying traffic tickets online.

For your hassle-free payment in New Jersey (NJ), Municipal Court introduced the online payment web portal www.njmcdirect.com, here you can easily make payment of your traffic and parking tickets at your convenience.

NJMCdirect Payment Requirements:

If you wish to make payment of your Traffic Ticket online at the NJMCdirect portal, you will need an internet-enabled device primarily to ensure that the payment process isn’t disrupted midway.

Please keep your traffic violation ticket aside, which will contain the Court ID, Ticket Prefix, Ticket number, etc.

Additionally, have your correct License Plate Number.

Now prior to proceeding with making online payments, please ensure you have a verified Credit or Debit Card.

The NJMCdirect Payment Timings:

It is recommended to note prior to proceeding to make payment in NJMCdirect, is to know the correct operation hours of the portal. You are only permitted to make your payments during these hours so that you can plan consequently. For online payment in the NJMCdirect platform the operation hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday: 4.30 am to 11.15 pm (EST)

Friday: 4.30 am to 10.15 pm (EST)

Saturday: 4.30 am to 3.15 pm (EST)

Sunday: 1.00 pm to 11.15 pm (EST)

NJMCdirect Payment Online Guide:

After you have confirmed the obtainability of all the required documents, you can easily proceed to make an NJMCdirect online payment, for your traffic ticket. Please follow to know-how:

  • To start the payment procedure, move on to the NJMCdirect homepage primarily at www.njmcdirect.com
  • Here on the landing homepage, you can simply find the option “Traffic Ticket”, to tap on.
  • A set of fields to fill will appear on your screen after you click on the “Traffic Ticket”


njmcdirect payment


  • As provided in your Traffic Ticket, please put down the data such as Court ID / Name, Prefix (optional), Ticket Number, License Plate Number, etc.
  • And lastly, tap on the green “SEARCH” button below.
  • Now you will find 2 (two) options: “View NJMCdirect Ticket” and “NJMCdirect Ticket Payment”.
  • If you wish to make a digital payment for your Traffic Ticket, tap on the option “NJMCdirect Ticket Payment”.
  • This will defer you on the NJMCdirect payment web page, here you will have to put down your “Credit or Debit Card” details and click on the “SUBMIT” button below.
  • Your online payment will be processed automatically, and an “Online Receipt” will be generated, please keep the receipt for future reference. 

How to view your Traffic Ticket at NJMCdirect Online Portal:

The footsteps to view your Traffic Ticket at the NJMCdirect online platform are quite comparable to that of making an online payment. Though, for those individuals who wish to view their Traffic Ticket online, please follow to know-how:

  • First of all, go to the NJMCdirect online homepage www.njmcdirect.com
  • Here on the landing web page, tap on the “Traffic Ticket”
  • Now few on-screen boxes will appear.
  • Just fill in the compulsory particulars such as the Court ID / Name, Prefix, Ticket Number, License Plate Number, etc.
  • Now tap on the green color button “SUBMIT”.


njmcdirect pay traffic ticket


  • After that, click on the option “View NJMCdirect Ticket” to view your Traffic Ticket online securely.
  • You can also have an option to download and print your Traffic Ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What if you have a specific question or concern about your Ticket or Complaint:

If you have a particular query please contact the Municipal Court where the case was issued. This info is positioned on the Ticket or Complaint, and here on the Welcome Screen after the case info is successfully entered.

What Tickets can be paid for through the NJMCdirect Platform:

The Ticket that is eligible for payment through the NJMCdirect.com portal must contain the following criteria:

  • The violation must be a payable violation & the officer who allotted the ticket did not indicate a court appearance was needed
  • There must not be any warrants issued for the ticket
  • The Ticket might be on a Time Payment Order.


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What you require to search for your Traffic Ticket and Time Payment Order:

If you wish to search for a Traffic Ticket or Time Payment Order, please carefully put down details such as the Court ID, Ticket Prefix (if applicable), Ticket Number, and License Plate Number. Your License Plate Number must match the Ticket in order to proceed.

After making payments do you still require to contact the court to resolve your Traffic Ticket or Complaint:

Once you make the payments at the NJMCdirect.com platform, it will update the Municipal Court records directly. After you submit your payment and the credit card is approved, a receipt page will automatically be provided on-screen. The receipt web page will indicate that the payment has been successfully received.

Does NJMCdirect charge any payment processing fees while paying online:

Yes! NJMCdirect will charge a service fee of 3% of your total payment amount if you select to make a payment online.

After being issued when will the Traffic Ticket be available for payment:

It commonly takes 1 (one) to 4 (four) business days to appear in the NJMCdirect online portal after being issued. Conversely, if this takes a longer period, please contact the court for further details.

What to do if you have lost your Traffic / Parking ticket:

If you have lost your last traffic / parking violation ticket, urgently report the lost ticket at your closest police station, or contact the NJMC office to resolve the issue.

What if you are incapable to find your Traffic Ticket at NJMCdirect:

If you can’t find your traffic ticket at NJMCdirect online platform, please contact the Customer Support Division for further details, and the representative will assist you to resolve the issue.

If you are facing an error issue, while trying to find your Ticket at NJMCdirect:

If you find that the NJMCdirect platform field boxes are highlighted in “RED”, it means that you have entered “Incorrect” details. Please ensure to fill in with “Accurate” ticket information and all the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Contact Details:

NJMCdirect Office

NJMC Public Safety Building,

2nd Floor, 228 Chestnut Street,

Newark, New Jersey, United States

(Office Timing: Mon to Fri, 8 am to 4 pm)

Njmcdirect Phone Number:

If you are facing any issue regarding the payment process and require further assistance from the customer service of NJMCdirect, please contact:

NJMCdirect Customer Service (Call): 973 -284 -4945 / 609 -292 -9580

NJMCdirect Customer Service (Fax): 973 -284 -4914

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