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by cclogin January 31, 2023
MyFlexLending Loan

If you are looking for quick funds, MyFlexLending can help you with loans up to $2500 and you can pay it off with a customized plan that suits your financial circumstances. The company will look into your eligibility for the loan, so they can choose the right amount for you. In this article, we are going to discuss the pre-approval of MyFlexLending loans and login. Read on to know more.

About MyFlexLending

This is a debt consolidation company, which targets customers from the USA. Normally, the company engages its clients through online ads, cold calling, and mail. If you have less than perfect credit, you can get a loan from this company at a low interest. You can borrow cash and then pay it off weekly. MyFlexLending offers personal loans through Alliance Bank, but the services are from the company. You will get standard installment loans with simple rates, and you can borrow up to $2500.

Benefits of MyFlexLending

  • Quick loan application– You can apply for a loan faster than any other company out there.
  • Faster decision– Once you have applied for a personal loan, you will get a faster decision.
  • Online service– You can get in touch with the company through online services. You won’t have to call them.
  • No queries– There will be no queries on how you are going to spend the borrowed money.
  • Get money deposited within 72 hours– After you received the decision, you will get the fund deposited in your account within 72 hours.
  • Manage your loan easily– You can manage your loans easily using your phone or any digital device.


Eligibility for MyFlexLending Loan

MyFlexLanding invites customers through a pre-approval code. You have to provide the code so that you can apply for the loan. To qualify for the loan you have to maintain some criteria.

  • You have to be 18 years old
  • Your monthly income must be at least $1000.
  • You must have a checking account with a good standing
  • Provide your valid address, phone number, email, ITIN, and SSN.


How to Claim MyFlexLending Pre-Approved Loan

This is the only way you can apply for a loan at MyFlexLending. If you receive the invitation code through mail, or phone call, and you are in need of some quick cash, you can apply in the following process.

  • Go to the webpage
  • Next at the center of the page under the section “Start Here to Claim Your Pre-Approved Loan. Limited Time Offer!” you will find the blank spaces.
  • Enter your first name, last name, and the invitation code you received, and mention your state.

How to Claim MyFlexLending Pre-Approved Loan


  • Now click on “Get started” option to start the application.


MyFlexLending Login Guide


  • To get logged in visit the webpage
  • Next at the top right side of the page click on “Already have an account? Sign in” option to access the login section.

How to Login to MyFlexLending account


  • Add the account associated email, agree to the terms and you can sign up for newsletter.

MyFlexLending Loan Login


  • Now click on “Continue” option to verify further and complete the login process.


How MyFlexLending Works

  • If you have received the invitation code in your mail, you have to complete the application online.
  • Next, you have to link your bank account for verification and this way you can pay off the amount weekly.
  • Check the loan approval, after that submit the request for the money you want to get.
  • Once you have submitted the fund request, you will have to check the loan agreement and sign it.
  • You will get the money automatically to your bank account within only 72 hours. You can manage the loan from anywhere and using any of your digital devices. You will get 52 weeks of time to pay off the loan, but that will depend on the amount.


How to Pay MyFlexLending Loan

If you have borrowed money from MyFlexLanding, you will have to pay it back in a weekly term. The company allows one way for the payment which is Automatic Clearing House (ACH), or a bank payment. This way the money will be deducted each week, and you won’t have to face any hassle. Let’s take a look at the process.


MyFlexLending Loan Payment by ACH

  • You have to link your bank account with the loan account at MyFlexLending.
  • Once it’s linked, the money will be deducted each week from your bank account.
  • This way, even if you forget about the borrowed amount, your bank will keep doing its work until the loan is paid off.


MyFlexLending Contact Help 

If you are having login or any other technical issues, you can contact the helpdesk team of MyFlexLending. Once you contact them, the team will help you access your online account and other services.

Let’s take a look at the contact information below:

  • For New Loan Assistance- 1-855-536-3440. Monday to Friday. 8am to 5pm EST
  • For Existing Loan Assistance- 1-833-574-0732. Monday to Friday 8am to 11pm EST. Saturday 9am to 1pm EST.
  • Email Contact-


Write a mail to this address

4315 Pickett Road

PO Box 3999

St. Joseph, MO  64503-0999


FAQs About MyFlexLending

What Are The Fees at MyFlexLending?

Loan fees can be confusing, but MyFlexLending offers better fee structure, so you easily understand the process. If you miss one payment, you may have to pay late fee. You will also have to pay a fee is the check is dishonored, and the payment is returned in the unpaid status.

Will There Be a Credit Check at MyFlexLending?

Yes. When you apply for a personal loan, the company may check your credit history, and it may affect your score as well. Although the company allows borrowers with medium to poor credit, but the company will check your standing as it’s necessary for the application procedure. MyFlexLending will invite you for a loan regardless of your credit history.

What Types of Loans MyFlexLending Offers?

Recently the company is offering standard consumer installment loans. You will get equal payments and simple interest for it.

Will My Personal Information Stay Safe with MyFlexLending?

Yes. The company follows a strict rule regarding their customer’s privacy. They do not sell or rent your personal details to anyone.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Requirement at MyFlexLending?

The minimum score is not clear. But you won’t have to worry about the approval, if you have a good standing. The company offers loans to less than perfect credit score holders, but it doesn’t mean you will get an approval.

How Can I Cancel MyFlexLending Loan?

Unfortunately, the company does not offer such option. If you have any issues with the weekly payments, you can get in touch with a customer support team of MyFlexLending for a solution.


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Check out the details we have provided in this article. We hope that you will find the important service steps here. However, if you are still having login trouble you can contact the support team of MyFlexLending.

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