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by cclogin June 30, 2018
lowes credit card

You have probably heard about Lowes is one of largest and popular home improvement company in the US and therefore the world. Well, you are right. Lowes is the second largest home improvement company in the whole US only marginally beaten by the Home Depot. You can do a lot of things with the Lowes credit card which we are going to cover in this post.

Please note that there are you apply for the card, you have to meet certain criteria before you are eligible to get the card. However, once you have the card, most certainly you going to be benefitted from almost all the purchase that you make through Lowes Credit Card. In the following post, we are going to discuss why you should have a Lowes Credit Card and how to apply for one.


There are many features of Lowes Credit Card. Some of the most prominent features are mentioned below for your reference:

  • If there is any wrong charge, you can claim online for card balance refund
  • It doesn’t come with any annual fee
  • It requires low monthly payment and APR of 21.9%
  • Lowes Credit Card includes three version of card design and card replacement facility
  • You can receive e-bills if you have opted for that
  • The online account is protected with Secure Socket Layer
  • You can also add authorized user without any charge


 Those who have a fair credit history or a FICO score of 618 or more are eligible to apply and receive the card. Apart from the FICO score, the annual income of the applicant and his/her job type also help to determine the eligibility of the customer to receive the card. However, on a positive note, 7 out of 10 customers generally receive approval to receive the card.

To Lowes Credit Card go to this link https://www.lowes.com/l/Credit/consumer-credit-center.html

Lowe s Advantage Card

And it will take you to a form page.ill up the information and complete all the steps.

LOWES Apply for the LOWES Credit Card

Once applied, there is no certain time frame when you are going to receive the card. However on a general note, post application, the applicant get to know about their card status within one or two weeks. Once the approval process is complete, the card will be dispatched in another one or two weeks. If you get the card, it will be helpful for you to save something on almost every purchase made with the Lowes Credit Card.

Use Full Links:


2. www.apply.syf.com



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