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by cclogin July 05, 2018
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It is very important to understand the benefits and various characteristics of the card and how you can be benefitted from those. For you, we have put together some of those key features:

  • Keep track on your bill payment dues
  • Keep a track on your balance (billed/unbilled etc.)
  • View your transaction history
  • View your online order and purchases
  • It is very easy to pay bills online
  • Home Depot credit card has the ability to finance your purchases at the very store
  • It can also allow you to reduce the number of interest that you need to pay on the spending
  • It also offers a no interest period of 60 days only commercial cards though.

We can add up more features here, however, we think these will suffice your immediate requirements. You will get to know other features while you are using the card. It is important to understand that the features and benefits associated with them vary with a different card. Therefore we are going to discuss the products of Home Depot credit card with which you can make a better decision suiting your exact requirements.


As we have discussed before, Home Depot offers two types of services, one is for personal and other is business services. Here are small details about these types of services:

  • Consumer Card: These cards are normally for individual shopping. If you are a frequent Home Depot customer, then you can choose any of the followings:
    • Consumer Credit Card: Any customer owning this card can shop for products either from Home Depot stores or from its website.
    • Project Loan Card: If you are involved in a number of projects than this going to be useful as it provides you shopping at a low of APR of 7.99% for a credit limit up to $55,000.
  • Commercial Cards: There are two types of Home Depot Commercial Cards suitable for business enterprises with bulk purchase requirements.
    • Revolving Charge Cards: It offers a credit card account for tracking your purchases, received itemized bills and lots more. If you are able to pay-off the total dues within 60 days of time, your annual fees will be waived off
    • Commercial Account Cards: The features of the commercial account cards and revolving charge cards are almost the same variations

How to apply for Home Depot Credit Card:

As we said earlier that we need to apply for the card first if we wish to receive these benefits of the Home Depot Credit Card. For your convenience, we have gathered the steps for you to apply for it.


  • First, visit the link by opening any browser in your computer and find the Home Depot consumer Credit Card offer
  • Click the Orange “Apply Now” button in the homepage. By clicking, you will be directed to the application page where you will be asked to fill up your details

Homedepot Credit Card Log In or Apply

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Read the terms and conditions and details and then click on the agreement box
  • Click the orange “Submit Application” button to process your application

The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card Application Form

  • Once approved, you will get an online notification informing you about your credit limit
  • Take the confirmation to your nearest Home Depot store to receive your temporary card information and a $25 coupon to use for the first time Home Depot purchase for more than $25 or more. The coupon generally valid for 30 days.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have some overview of the procedures and benefits of the HOME DEPOT CARD. Happy Shopping!!!

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